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Aida at Gateway

Well, I saw a production of Aida on Friday and it was absolutely amazing!!! I love the character of Amneris even more now! Oh, I want to play her... But anyway, Aida had an amazing voice and all of the dancing just blew me away. I spent so much time listening to the music that visually, I was just so surprised at how good the show was. I have to say though that the best character/actor in it was the guy who played Zoser. He was just sooooo evil. Not only that, he looked the part and just epitimized (can't spell) that character. I've got to say that "Another Pyramid" was my biggest surprise at how good it was. The dancing was so fitting and awesome and the lights blended so well and made it look soooo awesome and OMG the whole thing was just sooo good. My only regret is that I didn't see it on Broadway with either Adam Pascal (so hot) or Idina Menzel (so talented) or any of the other great people. Well thats it for now. Bye!
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