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Aida Tour review

I saw AIDA Last night. Here is my review for the show

First off, I just want to saw the first time I saw AIDA was a HS production and the Tour was A LOT different of course. The set was quite a bit different as were costumes and such.  Here is my review of performers:
Amneris: played by Leah Allers.
I hate this character to begin with but Leah does a good job being ditzy and then changing to see the light so to speak. She has an amazing belting voice.

Radames played by Casey Elliot
a former WSU (Washington State University) grad and HOLY COW! I was very impressed. He did an amazing job and I can't say enough good things about him. I was extremely worried about this character because when I hear AIDA, I hear Adam Pascal but Casey did a fantastic job and even at times sounded like him.

Aida played by Kimberly Shay Hamby (not the regular tour Aida)
She did a good job and I actually like her better than Heather Hardley. She announciated and was clearer than Heather (part of which I think has to do with the British Accent). She could really belt too

Mereb played by Dane Harrington Joseph
I didn't like Dane's character very much... Too ditzy at times (especially in the scents with Amneris) and I was not impressed with ihs singing either

Zoser played by DJ Rudd
Good singer... I'm not slighly confused about the story because in the tour they claim that Zoser found Radames in the street and then put him in training untill "Like Father,like Son" where it comes out that Zoser is Radames's father...but good singer

The Dancers were amazing of course and the songs were pretty good but the opening song they sped up. Overall the performance was godo but my chief complaint that they turned up the mikes way way too loud. But overall it was good...It wasn't WOW like Les Miserables or The Lion King were for me but it was good.

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